Working With Our Clients

As a Savanah Logistics, LLC. driver, you are a representative in the relationships we develop with our customers. We spend quality time and expense developing the confidence of a new shipper, and we must rely on you to maintain timely schedules and good working relationships with our customers.

The desired result of all our efforts at Savanah Logistics, LLC is to furnish our customers with quality service in a safe and courteous manner.

Representing Our Company

As a professional driver, you are the front line representative of the company. Your appearance, attitude and actions will reflect on the company as a whole.

By accepting employment with Savanah Logistics, LLC., you have made a commitment we all share in providing quality transportation service to our customers. The driver's job is particularly important, for it is you that represents Savanah Logistics.

Savanah Logistics would like to talk to you if you have the drive and commitment to customer service that we do. We are currently looking for experienced, safe, and dedicated drivers.

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